Types of Candles – A Candle for every occasion

//Types of Candles – A Candle for every occasion

Types of Candles – A Candle for every occasion

From ancient time candles are playing significant role in our life. Whether it is a festival, wedding or any auspicious occasion we have been using candles from very long time. We celebrate every event with great pomp and we have to do special preparations on all these ceremonies. Decoration is also one of them. On these occasions we decorate our houses and buildings, although there are so many articles available for the decoration, but the candle has its own importance. Yes, candle! Whether it is a wedding taper candles or Christmas candle is used widely. According to a report published in 2010, the demand in the wax business had increased to 10000 million and in which the candle share was estimated to be up to 50%, which gives us clear information about its consumption.

The concept of every occasion can be explored by the pattern of the candles one buy. It’s not only a matter of sizes and their places but also a matter of diverse shapes which combination can make beautiful texture. They can be pillar candles, tapers, tea lights, votives or floating candles. Also, when choosing them, pay attention to the finishing, it can be completely plane or they can also have different textures that can take them into a particular tone. For example, rustic weddings are right now one of the most popular because of their organic and welcoming touch.

Today different types of candles are available in the market. Before buying candles, we should make sure that what will be the use of those candles? Because different types of candles are used on different occasions. Votive candles, pillar candles, taper candles, decorative candles and scented or aromatherapy candles are available. By the following information you can differentiate these candles as per your use.

Votive Candles

This candle is also known as prayer candle which means people purchase these candles for their prayers. These are small in size so they burnt for few hours. It is widely used as Church Candles. These candles are made of soy wax or beeswax.

Pillar Candles

It is a rigid wax candle that stands alone without melting. Pillar candles comes in different sizes and shapes compare to the other candles. A three inches candle will stand last for 30-35 hours.

Taper Candles

These are long skinny candles with a conical tip and wider base. The dimension Taper candles are six to eight inches in length and half to one inch in diameter. A taper candle will burn till 8-10 hours it may vary on its size.

Decorative Candles

These candles are used on occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversary or other ceremonies. There are lot options available in market when it comes to decorative candles. These candles add beauty and lighten up the surroundings.

Whether you’re de-stressing yourself after a long working day or planning for a romantic date, decorative candles are just perfect to lighten up your mood. They change the ambiance your mood instantly and transform set up to something very special.

Scented or aromatherapy candles

These are not synthetic candles. When an aromatherapy candles lighten up it starts fragrance. It comes with scents like lemon, lavender, jasmine, cinnamon, peppermint etc.

Unlike, synthetic candles the aromatherapy candles are organic and made with essential oil which works as the main ingredient of the fragrance. Talking about fragrance, when lighten up an aromatherapy candle it starts its magic of enhancing your well being by first focusing on your nasal cavity. Inbreathing the molecules of the fragrance extracted from essential oil stimulates.

Baptism Candles

These candles represent moving of death to life. It is a symbol of religious faith. Personalized baptisms candles are those where you can add message to them decorate the candle.

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